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"Dette albumet slår helt på egen hånd knockout på lytteren"

Dagsavisen, Mode Steinkjer


MIMMI is in possession of a voice that fills the room and refuses to let you stay indifferent. MIMMI seduces and bewitches you with an oasis of cellos, trombones and trumpets, cembalos, drums and heavy beats ranging from the grandiose to the delicate and minimal.

In a genre MIMMI herself describes as Baroque Pop she explores the massive emotions in life whilst keeping her lyrics the focal point. Her new album “Stay Weird” is produced by Vegard Sleipnes and MIMMI herself. Louring
behind the scenes of Subsonic society Studio in Oslo, you also find eminent musicians Torgeir
Waldemar and Anders Møller as co-producers and studio musicians.

MIMMI is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter born and raised in the far north of Tromsø,
now relocated to the capital city Oslo. She grew up in an artistic family and is the daughter of
Norwegian actress Guri Johnson. Last summer Mimmi won a silver medal in song writing in
the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood (WCOPA). In May this year she
graduates from The Norwegian Academy of Theatre with a bachelor’s degree in acting.









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Fotograf: Lillian Julsvik


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