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"Dette albumet slår helt på egen hånd knockout på lytteren"

Dagsavisen, Mode Steinkjer


Mimmi is out with her critically acclaimed new album «Semper Eadem» Released January 24th 2020 MIMMI is toying with genre, expression and storytelling.

The album has been named «Semper Eadem» after Queen Elizabeth I’s motto which translates to «Always the same». It is simultaneously extravagant and understated. Her music has been labeled «dark soul» but MIMMI herself considers the genre to be «renaissance-pop», a term which alludes to both the visual, the musical and the lyrical universe in which she moves.


She has been compared to Kate Bush, Sinéad O’Connor, Beth Gibbons and Beyoncé. Norwegian newspaper «Dagsavisen» recommends MIMMI’s album as one og the most sentral albums of 2020, together with Thomas Dybdahl and Cezinando, amongst others. «Dagsavisen» rolled a 6 on the dice. «This album single handedly throws a knockout on the listener»* Review Dagsavisen, Mode Steinkjer The theme of the album is to break out of ones own stereotype: «I have been inspired by Queen Elisabeth I. Both by her as a person, the era, the costumes and the music. This has allowed me to explore my own music and myself as a person in a new way. To be reborn in a sense,»


MIMMI states about the album and her process. «Semper Eadem» was recorded in the Subsonic Society studio, which also is MIMMI’s record label. The album was produced in cooperation with Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes. Torgeir Waldermar, Ole Alexander Halstensgård and Anders Møller all played a part in the creation of the album, both as musicians and cooperative partners. «Mimmi is ready for the breakthrough.»*

Itromso, Helge Matland


MIMMI is working with the German company Backseat PR, resulting in her songs being played on the radio, articles, and a music video generating more than 100 000 views shortly after its release. German newspapers and music magazines have received the album with much love.

MIMMI has generated attention globally. «No one can imitate this peculiarity.» musikblog.de Due to a burgeoning career as an actress, MIMMI debuted with her album «Storm» through her record label Subsonic Society Audio back in 2014.

Since then she has performed at By:larm and been a participant on Stjernekamp on Norwegian national TV, among many other accomplishments. In addition she has contributed to the critically acclaimed productions «The Book of Mormon» and «Lazarus» at Det Norske Teatret.


Safe to say that MIMMI is an accomplished and stage-savvy artist. «Semper Eadem» is an album to welcome in 2020!

«She can now step up as one of the most promising pop-artists in the country.»* Klassekampen, Aslaug Olette Klausen










Subsonic Society Audio AS 




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Tone Lise Asphol


Fotograf: Lillian Julsvik


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