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MIMMI is the singer, songwriter and actor who breaks expectations and mixes genres. As Amusio stated, she's "...stunningly good."

MIMMI, the artist enters the realm of dream and reality, a domain with experimental and unique art-pop.

MIMMI, the actor interprets with bravura on the theatre stage. MIMMI is part of The Norwegian
Theatre. She also performs for the National Traveling Theatre, wherewith "...her magnificent voice and acting talent, she has entered the Norwegian theatre world like a comet."



The artist is on her art-pop musical journey of formation, where MIMMI steers through artistic stories, expressions and emotional explorations to find and improve higher understanding.

As the thing becomes more perfect, it feels like a pleasure and pain. Her records "Semper Eadem" and "Titanic" are part of the trilogy "Shadow Work", where MIMMI roots a bigger picture of her soul-searching musical quest.

In "Semper Eadem", she challenges Plato's cave, living chained, facing a blank wall, with reality only shadow on the wall.

In "Titanic", MIMMI is freed from the cave. She realises things are not as conceded at first. MIMMI faces the same problems with just new perceptions. She needs to understand and deal with them again. Be it identity and stereotype, where she belongs or her search for love. As she states in Tonight: "You think this is what life is gonna be like and it's not, it's a total lie."

In the last part of the trilogy, MIMMI will return to the cave to tell what she has experienced.

MIMMI creates and performs music that landed her the TONO's prestigious Edvard Prize nomination for exceptionally high artistic quality in 2021. The album "Semper Eadem" received a nomination for The Spellemann Award 2020 (often referred to as the Norwegian Grammy Awards in English).


The actor interpreted David Bowie in "Lazarus" with such authority that the leading Norwegian newspaper (VG) gave it an outstanding performance appraisal. MIMMI's take on "Heroes" was "...theatrical magic and profoundly moving."

MIMMI interpreted Susanne Sundfør with standing ovations in a remarkable production of Sundfør's musical universe at the National Traveling Theater in 2021.

MIMMI is currently performing as Cinderella in the theatrical play of Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods" at the Norwegian Theatre.

MIMMI was nominated for the esteemed Hedda Award for Best Actress 2019 for this work.



MIMMI is multicultural, with a mother from Norway and a father from Senegal, but MIMMI both seeks and defies the stereotypes and the constraints to conform.

MIMMI finds ways herself; nevertheless, people have compared her to greats like Kate Bush, Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and Tori Amos.

"Impressive is Mimmi's voice, roomy, clear and changeable, never sweet." (Stadtkind Hannover)



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Lillian Julsvik


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